Silnice I/42 - Brno, VMO - Tomkovo náměstí

The construction vmo tomkovo square will start 28rd june

The work on the construction of the two parts  big urban circuit Tomkovo square and Rokytova will already start 28rd of June and it will last until year 2024.

The The Director General of the Directorate of Roads and Motorways, Radek Mátl, said that ŘSD and city Brno concluded a contract for the realization of construction I/42 Brno VMO Tomkovo square and Rokytova with the association Firesta-Fišer, OHL ŽS, Metrostav DIS for an offer price of 2 356,3 milion crowns. Thanks to the construction, there will be a direct connection between the Husovice tunnel and Rokytova Street, where in the future the traffic will enter the tunnel under the Vinohrady housing estate. The cars will drive over a new bridge that will span Tomek Square, the Svitava River and part of the marshalling station in Maloměřice.

Source: ŘSD CR Závod Brno, Brněnský deník