The construction vmo tomkovo square will start 28rd june



Purpose of construction

The construction VMO Tomkovo square is conections between Provazníkova and Rokytova Street with a long-term view of the building „Tunnel Vinohrady“, resp. the construction VMO Rokytova–Jedovnická. This construction after building will significant way relieve  now completely congested Svatoplukova Street and the Provazníkova-Karlova intersection from traffic heading to the housing estates Vinohrady and Líšeň.

The whole section is part route of the road  I/42 which passes in the solved section built-up area of the City Brno in its northeastern part the territory urban parts Brno-sever, Maloměřice and Židenice.

The route of the road I/42 consist of III. city circuit and it is an important part of the „Basic cimmunication system“ of Brno concurrently i tis the part of the road network the Czech Republic and partial part of the international road network E461. In terms of citywide transport structure, the big city circuit (VMO) as a whole it will provide external transit and target extra-urban and intra-city traffic relations and thus significantly relieve inner-city roads.

The construction is of fundamental importance in the system of service and transport connections in the territory of Brno. It also relates to supra-regional traffic routes, which provide serviceability Brno and the whole of South Moravia. The overall impact of the construction on the affected area will be favorable from the point of view of traffic safety, thanks to the segregation of public transport passengers from the main VMO traffic route, which will be directionally divided and equipped with barriers.

The construction should contribute to the flow of traffic and it follows also reduce noise. However, the latter positives will be fully valid only after the completion of the follow-up construction of VMO – Rokytova.

The new comunication is leds in the same directional corridor as the current one. The route is designed from the exit of the Husovice tunnel out of level through Tomek Square, the Svitava River to the connection to Charles Street. At the end of the section is suggested the possibility of continuous connection to the continuation VMO. This connection allows out of level continuation via Charles Street, Maloměřice station further on to the VMO – Rokytova.

The entire route is conducted on the territory of the approved in the Urban Plan of the City Brno as collecting local of functional communication of functional class B1directionally divided basic category MS 24. with a propose speed vn = 60km/h. The route is designed as a divided four-lane and reaches a length of 680 meters.

The route out of level overcomes Tomkovo Square, the Svitava River. The bridge structures will be newly built. The current bridge over the Svitava will be dismantled. Tomek Square with the VMO will be connected by an out of level delta-shaped crossing. This intersection allows omnidirectional connections.

The future intersection above Charles Street is prospectively designed as a half-rhombic with out the possibility of mnidirectional connection. The connection VMO and Tomek Square is enabled by one-lane one-way ramps. The main route also includes the construction of adjacent sidewalks, both for the public and revision sidewalks.

The entire length of the route are designed noise reduction measures. Noise protection walls lining the pavements along the route will be designed with a continuous structure guaranteeing pedestrian safety (railing). The main route is almost entirely on the retaining walls.

The construction of this section of the city circuit necessary for its another out of level continuation through Charles Street, the rail head of Maloměřice station, Kulkova Street up to the connection to Rokytova Street.

Given that this is a construction in the town’s intravilan and there will be no interference  in the area of the area of interest into the plots of land LPF  – soil These are lands of useful gardens on soils of the 5th class of protection of agricultural land, which are indispensable for agricultural purposes. s fulfilling the forest function. The intervention into the plots of land LPF will be only minimal.

The construction schedule

The schedule was updated to 06/2021.

The decision on the location of the  construction was issued on 12th of January 2011 and on 17th of January 2011 it came into force. In 04/2015 was issued current zabor report. Together with the City of Brno, the properties in the construction area were bought out. Out of the total number of 66 ownership deeds, 58 have been settled (87.87% – as of 05/2021).


Some negotiations on the purchase of land and houses have become more complicated. The ŘSD was thus forced to enter into expropriation proceedings. There are four expropriation proceedings. The project was processed at the DSP / PDPS level (basis for a building permit and a competition for the selection of a construction contractor).


Because of the amendment to the Act on the Impact of  Construction on the Environment (EIA), it was asked for  issue a new opinion. KÚ JMK issued a positive opinion EIA on 6th of  February 2018. At the end of 10/2019, the demolition of eight derelict family houses in the route began and that on the slope in Provazníkova.

On 8th of November 2019, applications for SP were submitted to all relevant building authorities. The tender for the contractor (including the neighboring buildings “I/ 42 Brno VMO – Rokytova”) was announced on 27th of January 2020. Although the basic deadline for the provision of services was set until 30 March 2020, this period was repeatedly extended. The offers were published on 4th of January 2021 (three offers were submitted).


On 1st of June 2021, the contract was signed with the winning bidder. On 12th of May 2020, the JMK KÚ started construction proceedings for 52 objects (including the neighbouring construction “I/42 Brno VMO – Rokytova”). The oral hearing took place on 25th of June 2020. The SP for 52 SO was issued on 4th of August 2020. However, on 9th of December 2020, MM Brno published information about two appeals filed against the issued SP (for 12 construction objects).


However, on 24the of March 2021 KÚ JMK rejected the appeal and the issued SP became legally valid. This decision cannot be further appealed.


The official start of construction took place on 23rd of June 2021.